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Evangelistrias (next to Port Authority) Porto Heli, Argolida

(+30) 27540 52057 - (+30) 6945 554488 - (+30) 6944 500399


Construction Services

Construction Services

The ERGODIVE Loumis Diving Team provides a wide range of diving construction work based in Porto Heli.

Construction Services


ERGODIVE provides a full range of services in the fish farming sector, conducting any diving activity in a fish farm.

Installation of mooring systems for cage farming
Underwater control & net repair
Fish Harvesting
Anchorage Inspections
Daily recording using digital video techniques
Changing nets of cages
Technical reports for insurance companies

The ERGODIVE diving crew has a long-term experience in port works and underwater construction works, which include:
Construction of ports & marinas for recreational crafts
Breakwater constructions
Pier, jetty and wharf constructions
Wharf strengthening
Construction & installation of floating jetties
Subsea cementing

Professional ERGODIVE divers undertake underwater repairs, deployments, and blasting. In particular:

Immersions, repairs of underwater pipelines & cables
Inspections & repairs of dams, bridges and hydroelectric stations
Underwater blasting

ERGODIVE‘s services include all kinds of works on ships, as well as investigations, video recording, towing, and assessments. In detail:
Permanent anchoring
Inspections & repairs of dams, bridges and hydroelectric stations
Replacement of propellers & rudders
Subsea cutting & welding
Underwater digital recordings
Boat & vessel cleaning using an hydraulic brush
Subsea repairs of ship hulls
Underwater damage assessment for insurance companies

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