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Evangelistrias (next to Port Authority) Porto Heli, Argolida

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The ERGODIVE Loumis Diving Team is active in the field of diving, engineering works on ships, fish farming, construction of harbors and jetties, and repairs to dams, pipelines and hydroelectric stations over the last 18 years.Vocational training in combination with long experience in underwater projects and underwater work makes ERGODIVE one of the most reliable and widely recognized diving crews having accomplished numerous important projects.Check out some of our projects The company was founded in 1999 by the professional diver, Giannis Loumis, who has a long-term experience in relevant projects both in Greece and abroad. Under his guidance, a group of certified divers provides professional submarine services showing excellent consistency and dedication. At the same time, the competent management personnel ensures immediate service for any need, and guarantees the completion of the work demonstrating integrity and without delays.Learn more about our teamThe ERGODIVE Loumis Diving Team operates in harmony with the most stringent safety rules, and is licensed as a diving crew by the Ministry of Mercantile Marine and the Porto Heli Port Authority.

The team

Meet our team, members of ERGODIVE who guarantee the successful completion of any project

People who collaborate with the ERGODIVE Loumis Diving Team and form its work force stand out due to the expertise, know-how and consistency they demonstrate in every project they undertake.

This is a “Team”, whose members have years of experience in performing diving works, always offering the highest quality in their working field.

The theoretical training, multiannual technical experience and the professionalism of the founder of ERGODIVE, Giannis Loumis, have served as an incentive, are in perfect harmony with the professional conscience of the Company’s team and have ranked the Company as one of the most important players in its industry.